Workshop: Supporting and Developing Leadership to Succeed (in its Unique Job)

Lean Kanban Brazil 2019: Repensando a Agilidade

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Neste Workshop você vai aprender:

People in leadership positions have tremendous responsibility to make decisions that impact many others for long periods of time. They cannot neglect or delegate these decisions. They must also make directions, intentions, constraints and values clear or the countless subsequent decisions made in day- to-day knowledge work will not be aligned.

A major hurdle to overcome in most transformations is leadership that abdicates. In this workshop we will leverage the Leadership Extension to the Kanban Maturity Model to uncover practical actions you as a coach can use to provide effective guidance to leadership. There is no step-by-step guide to leading, but we have defined the types of actions leaders can take to have the influence on their organizations to improve outcomes.

Starting with a brief overview of the foundation – the KMM and its coaching practices extension – we will cover the leadership maturity levels defined by values and typical results. Then we will look at approaches to assess a leader’s maturity level to enable you as a coach to use new tools to provide appropriate, practical guidance. These tools and practices will also help you to avoid the ‘wishful thinking’ that leads to typical leadership advice to ‘become an ideal’ or ‘adopt a mindset’.

Learning Objectives:

  • Brief overview of KMM foundation
  • KMM Leadership/Coaching Practices
  • Effective leadership guidance to evolve/mature businesses
  • Types of Actions/Leadership

Target Audience:
Leaders, Change Agents, Service Delivery/Request Managers, C-level



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