Workshop: Ship Building Experience

Lean Kanban Brazil 2019: Repensando a Agilidade

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Neste Workshop você vai aprender:

In its very root, working effectively simply means understanding what’s going on and performing the right improvements based on this understanding. That sounds perhaps quite easy but unfortunately it’s not because knowledge work is not really intuitive. Some examples:

  • Work is finished faster when we are not working all the time
  • We don’t serve our customers well when we start their work immediately
  • Working faster has nothing to do with finishing work faster
  • Starting work earlier leads to finishing work later
  • Other...

This is by no means intuitive, however, understanding these aspects of work systems is essential when it comes to improving service delivery. In this workshop we will do an experiment where participants will answer questions like these by themselves.

In addition, we will also cover aspects of local optimization vs. global optimization and what this means for improving your service delivery. The main problem is that most methods focus on team-level performance. In the best case, you don’t see any improvement, in most of the cases it is getting worse. Local optimization leads to global sub optimization! But what does this mean? And how can you increase service delivery beyond the team? In this workshop we will find answers to these questions.

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